The regional energy transition - we realize it!

Ecovision is planning and operating plants that utilize renewable energies in Germany and abroad. By offering shares in jointly owned photovoltaics (PV) and windpower plants we are enabling citizens to do the right thing, both economically and ecologically.

We bring the vision of renewables into reality. Moreover, we transfer our know-how on a sustainable way. Our activities include solar and wind energy as well as energy contracting. We offer you to accompany your project from site evaluation until plant dismantling after 20 years of operation. We realize jointly owned (PV and windpower) plants, appreciating on common leadership and participation.

From our know-how others should also profit - so we are consequently keen to advice you.

For 10 years more than 1,000 small investors are jointly owning our plants, a milestone in our company´s history.

We take care for our projects in such a way that our children will benefit from them as well